23 October 2013

MOVIE: Carrie - Synopsis & Video Clips of Trailer

Spooktober is almost over, but we thought we’d keep the spook going with another horror film!
Religious mother? Telekinetic superpowers? Two things that don’t really go together, huh? Come to to watch this seemingly-innocent girl unleash terror on her town with her telekinetic powers!


Carrie White is a girl in her last three months of her senior year at Ewen High School. One day, while showering after gym class, Carrie has her very first menstrual period. Knowing nothing of menstruation, she thinks she’s bleeding to death. The other girls laugh at Carrie and tease her by throwing tampons and feminine napkins at her. One of the girls, Chris Hargensen , who has long bullied Carrie, records the event on her smartphone and later uploads it to YouTube. The gym teacher comforts Carrie and takes her to the office. Carrie’s deeply religious mother, Margaret is called and picks Carrie up from school early. Believing Carrie’s period to be a “sin”, Margaret locks Carrie into a “prayer closet”. As Carrie screams to be let out, she makes a crack on the door. Both Margaret and Carrie are surprised at this, and Carrie realizes she has telekinetic powers.

Wouldn’t you want to have a classmate like Carrie?  Well, probably not but you’ll definitely remember her name.

Trailer of Carrie

Courtesy of nuffnang & Sony Pictures Malaysia